YouTube Influencer Outreach

Research studies show that sales have increased over 20% on websites that use video testimonials. We can help you connect with these Youtubers to get your productor service known.

Directly Connect with Youtubers in Your Niche


We can connect you with Youtubers who have an active audience in your product niche. YouTube is an amazing platform for high-quality content that’s search-friendly, and brings millions of visitors. A sponsored YouTube video can do wonders for your brand.

For over 500,000 “Youtube Mega” Subscribers 

Is Youtube Good for Your Brand?

Top reasons why Youtube influencers are great for your brand:

  • Good for boosting sales—especially when influencers share product reviews with the link to purchase
  • Audiences can be engaged effectively and results can be easily measured.
  • Videos have a long lifespan and you can even reap benefits after your campaign is over.

Video Reviews are Powerful

 In a fiercely competitive consumer market, it is difficult to win the trust of potential customers. They are less likely to rely on brands that sing songs of self-praise.

Instead, they trust recommendations and testimonials from real-life users such as friends, acquaintances, and influencers.

Coming from a trusted influencer, such a review is likely to foster brand awareness, add credibility to your product or service, and inspire your target audience to purchase it.

Direct Access to the Influencer

We give you direct access to the Youtube influencer so you can successfully execute your marketing campaign with them.

This way you can build and maintain a long-term association with them and connect to their fan community.

Success Story

It’s all about the outcome and we have the proof that our YouTube Outreach services works.

Ready to See Results?

We have a number of YouTube Influencer Outreach packages to choose from and if you have a question about our service – send us a message or chat with us live!

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