LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B lead generation and we specialize in finding the right top level decision makers that are interested in your brand, service, or product category.
We start conversations with 250, 500, even 1,000 leads every month on your behalf.

Build Relationships with Clients

 Researching, connecting and building a B2B relationships via LinkedIn takes time and money. We have over 15 years experience effectively building relationships and lead generation via LinkedIn which allows you and your sales department to focus on closing deals.

Do you have 8 hours a day for LinkedIn Lead Generation?

You have better things to do than write invite requests, follow ups, or keeping your LinkedIn business page updated. Our team will handle sending quality and personalized messages on your behalf.

Our LinkedIn lead generation specialist s work all hours to start warm conversations that you can immediately take over. In tandem with the above network expansion, this outreach becomes very powerful for business development, event ticket sales, etc.

Grow Your Customer Network


With our LinkedIn Marketing Services, you will expand your LinkedIn network to include high value 1st & 2nd degree connections. Our team will advise you on search target criteria, and then reach out to hundreds or thousands of new individuals on your behalf.

We can include a professional LinkedIn personal or business profile make-over (if desired) prior to starting the campagin to improve outreach performance.

Focus On Closing Sales 

Building relationships on LinkedIn is not easy and you need professionals who have experience in B2B lead generation.

We have a team of experts in different niches who understand what a client needs and how to connect with them. We do our job and provide you with results so you can focus on closing sales.


Success Stories

It’s all about the outcome and we have the proof that our LinkedIn Marketing Services work.


Solar Company to Sell Technology License




A Canadian solar company approached Swift Outreach to help them connect with CTO´s (Chief Technology Officer) in the solar industry who would be interested in purchasing their patented technology for solar energy production.

Problem: This company had a sales team but they were focused on B2C and did not have the time to do LinkedIn outreach to CTO´s in regards to deal licensing.

Solution: Our team created a customized LinkedIn Marketing solution which included lead generation list of CTO´s, CEOs in all sectors related to solar. The campaign lasted 13  months and included building relationships with the CTO´s and sending them company presentations and patent information. From these efforts, the company closed a license deal of $1.2 million with an Australian solar manufacturer.



Reliability Testing for Laser Diode Telcom Devices



An Irish company approached Swift Outreach to provide LinkedIn Marketing Services to help them with lead generation with laser reliability engineers in the semiconductor industry who would be interested in using the company´s reliability equipment for testing.

Problem: This company had a technical team but nobody dedicated to sales. They preferred to outsource the business development rather than hire a full time sales person.

Solution: Our team created a customized Linkedin Lead Generation list of reliability engineers in the photodiode and semiconductor industries. The list of contacts was over 4800 and were all over the world. The campaign lasted 8  months and included building relationships with the reliability engineers and sending them company presentations and quotes. From these efforts, the company had over 35 presentations and is currently collaborating with 2 companies.


Art Company Wanted Buyers


An American art company approached Swift Outreach to help them expand their sales network in retail stores across the country.

Problem: This company had strong sales on Wayfair, Overstock and Amazon but no sales in retail or chain departments. Their team consisted of many freelancers in different countries but nobody had the b2b lead generation skills to build relationships with decor buyers via LinkedIn. 

Solution: Our team created a customized LinkedIn Lead Generation outreach list of decor buyers in all retail stores large and small. The campaign lasted 6 months and the company made deals with BJ´s Warehouse Club, Nordstrom, Dillards, Art Van Furniture, Bellacor and others.


Ready to See LinkedIn Lead Generation Results?

We have a number of LinkedIn Marketing Services packages to choose from and if you have a question about our service – send us a message or chat with us live!

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