Influencer Outreach

We Connect Your Product or Service to Bloggers & Social Media Influencers

We provide Lead Generation Services and Outreach services that connect your brand with bloggers and influencers with a strong social media following on YouTube, Instagram, & LinkedIn.

We’ve Got You Covered

No matter what product or service you have – we can help your brand gain tremendous exposure through multiple social media outreach channels.

Blogger Outreach

Just 5 published blog posts can drastically increase your SEO and brand exposure.

YouTube Outreach

YouTube reaches more people than any TV network and viewers trust reviews.

Instagram Influencer Outreach

600 million people discover new products on Instagram.

Blogger Outreach Services

1. Select your product category.

2. Choose the number of influencers you want to work with and their level of influence.

3. We will do the customized search  and provide you with either 5, 10 or 20 blogger proposals

4.  You will get the proposals and deal directly with the blogger for the specific brand awareness campaigns you want to create.

YouTube Marketing Services

Needing help on how to contact a youtuber to help promote your product?

1. It’s easy! Select your product category.

2. Choose the number of YouTube Influencers you want to work with and their following.

3. We will do a customize search and outreach to these Youtubers and provide you up to 10 proposals.

4.  You will get the proposals and deal directly with the Youtuber for the specific brand awareness campaigns you want to create. Boom! You now outreach like a Boss!

Instagram Influencer Outreach

Needing help on how to contact Instagram Influencers?

1. Select your product category.

2. Choose the number of Instagram Influencers you want to work with and the number of followers.

3. We will perform the Instagram Outreach directly to the Instagram Influencer and provide you up to 10 proposals.

4.  With our Instagram marketing service, you will receive the proposals and deal directly with the Instagram Influencer for the specific brand awareness campaigns you want to create. Easy-peasy!

Influencer Outreach & Lead Generation Categories

If you have a  brand, product or service our collection of thousands of Social Media Influencers want to work with you!

Animals & Pet Products

Animals, pet supplies, grooming, and food.

Automotive & Powersports

Vehicles, boats, power sport, planes, parts & accessories.

Baby & Toddler

Nursery, Feeding, Clothes, Toys, Transport, & Accessories.

Business Services

Services, Equipment, Retail Supplies, Currency & BitCoin.

Clothing & Accessories

Outerwear & Lingerie, Bags, Shoes, Belts, Wallets.

Electronics & Technology

Semiconductors, Wearable Tech,  Audio & Devices.

Food & Beverages

Ingredients & Sauces, Alcohol & Drinks, & Kitchenware.

Health & Beauty

Grooming, Cosmetics, Nutrition, Personal Care.

Home Decor & Furniture

Artwork, Decorations, tables, lamps, rugs.

JEWELRY & Watches

Necklace, Earings, Luxury Watches, Rings, & Accessories.

Outdoor & Garden

Garden supplies, Outdoor living, Power equipment.

Outdoor Gear & Lifestyle

Camping, hiking, cycling, water sports, tech gear.

Software & Apps

Multimedia, Games & Productivity Apps & Software.

Music & instruments

Guitars, Orchestra, Recording Equipment, software.

Toys & Games

Activity, beach, wooden, flying, sports, board games.

Answers to Your Questions

What Are Your Services

We take care of finding influencers that meet your criteria in LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and blogger networks. We know that it takes a lot of time researching and messaging these influencers and so we take care of this for you.

Many of our clients have tried to do perform influencer outreach themselves. They tried various platforms to search for influencers on social networks. These platforms often cost at least 200 per month. Yes they may get a list of influencers but since these people are contacted so often, they often don’t respond. Our service provides you with a guaranteed list of responsive influencers that meet your specifications and niche. You can start your marketing campaign within 3 business days.

Will I work directly with the influencer?

Yes unlike other blogger outreach platforms. We give you the contact details of the influencer and they are aware that you will be contacting them. This gives you direct access to work with the influencer on future campaigns.

What information do you need from me?

When you choose one of our Influencer Outreach or Blogger Outreach Services we will send you a questionnaire to learn more about your brand and what your offer would be to the influencer.
For LinkedIn outreach, we will send you a questionnaire and a sample of 25 linkedin profiles to approve before we start the campaign.

Do you negotiate with the influencer?

We will introduce your brand to the influencer and get their initial proposal. Once you get in touch with the influencer you will be able to negotiate your own deal and often it is better than what we could provide.

Influencers normally look for a long term partnership so if you are interested in doing multiple campaigns, you can often get a very good deal and start growing a loyal fan base. Sometimes the influencer may even do the marketing for free if they love your brand or if you offer the product for free. There are so many marketing ideas you can do with the influencer that we want to give you the freedom to define your own brands message.

Do you handle the payment to the influencer for the sponsored article, video or post?

No we do not handle payments. You will get a list of influencers who match your needs and after you negotiate the terms with the influencer you can pay them directly by the method you choose (PayPal, Gift Cards, Bank Transfer, etc.).

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